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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question that is not listed below then please complete a contact form or contact our team directly on 0208 492 0094.

General Questions

Can you supply a fabric that is not on your website?

Yes, please contact us by email or call our dedicated sales line to discuss with a member of staff.

Do you stock upholstery fabrics?

A large amount of our stock is either upholstery weight or for dual purpose

Do you provide an upholstery service?

We provide a complete curtain making service online, but not an upholstery service. We offer a full upholstery service from our showroom in North London.

Can you source any particular fabrics at discounted prices?

As a general rule, our vast clearance stock in excess of 500,000 metres will by far represent the greatest value for money. We also offer a large selection of samples and books which customers can order from. As a last resort; we can then TRY to source any given fabric at a competitive price.

Do you flame-proof fabrics?

Fabrics can be treated for flame-proofing, this is an additional service which must be requested separately. Cost starts at £4.50+VAT per metre. A certificate will be provided.

Do you offer an interior design service?

We do; this is available at our North London showroom.

Do you wholesale / export goods?

Yes we do, please speak to Dean with any trade, wholesale and export requirements by emailing or by phoning us on 020 8492 0094.

Do your readymades come in all sizes?

We hold an extensive range, but please be aware that ready-mades are mass produced in only certain standard widths and drops; they prove highly economical and are usually used for property lets, short term curtains and secondary rooms.

What is curtain lining?

Curtain lining serves as an additional layer of fabric attached to the rear of a curtain, elevating its purpose beyond mere decoration. Opting for the appropriate lining can enhance the functionality of your curtains significantly. By selecting the right lining, you gain the ability to effectively block unwanted light, improve insulation for energy efficiency during winter, and minimise external noise.

Curtain lining is a popular choice for achieving fuller-looking curtains, adding shape, or enhancing the aesthetics by selecting a patterned lining that maintains visual appeal from both the interior and exterior.

What is interlining?

Interlining is an additional layer of fabric positioned between the outer fabric and the lining. This option is used when seeking to augment the weight of a lighter fabric, ensuring improved draping of curtains, and enhancing insulation within a room. The benefits of interlining your curtains creates a sense of opulence, contributing to a full and luxurious appearance.

What is blackout lining?

Blackout curtain linings are a favoured option for bedrooms due to their increased thickness compared to standard curtain linings. This thickness not only effectively blocks out light but also helps in diminishing external noise to create a more tranquil sleeping environment.

Do you offer measuring and fitting services?

We offer this service from our North London showroom, our experienced team can visit your home to measure and hang your curtains and blinds.  Whilst we mainly cover London and the South East, we are able to measure and fit large jobs throughout the UK and internationally.

Can I wash outdoor fabric?

The washing method for your outdoor fabric depends upon the specific type of fabric. It is advisable to first consult the product description, but generally, washing outdoor fabrics on a 30-degree gentle cycle is safe. Steer clear of bleach-based detergents, as they can potentially harm the coating on outdoor fabrics. Opt for air drying instead of tumble drying.

For fabric covers that are challenging to remove, promptly blot stains and resort to a mixture of dish soap and water to gently sponge the stain. If feasible, apply this solution on both sides of the fabric. When dealing with wet stretch fabrics, especially for umbrella covers, deckchairs, or outdoor seating fabric, ensure to stretch them over their frames to prevent any potential shrinkage.

What is the difference between fire retardant and fire resistant fabrics?

While these terms are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle distinction. Fire-resistant fabrics, also referred to as flame-resistant fabrics, exhibit resistance to easy ignition, with their constituent fibres melting before burning.

However, fire-retardant fabrics can ignite and burn, but they do so at a slower pace compared to regular fabrics, and frequently possess the ability to self-extinguish.

Do you deliver goods?

We have vans available to deliver for trade customers and retail customers buying in bulk. We use external courier services for the majority of online orders.

Can I check stock levels before I make an order?

Yes, our website will show the current stock holding change to Please call us to check current stock availability

How will my fabric arrive?

After the order is placed you will be advised of the courier service used.

What type of soft furnishings do we make/provide?

Curtains, Roman Blinds, Cushions, Upholstery, and Bedspreads.

Can blackout lining be used for both curtains and blinds?

We tend to use the Soft Draping Blackout Lining for the Curtains and Bonded Blackout for the Roman Blinds.

How do I check to see if a fabric is fire retardant?

Fabrics on the website will state if they are Flame Retardant but most fabrics can be treated by us if required.

Which fabric is the most durable?

With fabrics, if they are for Upholstery they will come with a Martindale test (abrasion test) and have to pass 20,000 Rubs to be ok for Upholstery. Some fabrics will go up to 100,000.

Do you supply sustainable fabrics and collections?

Sustainable fabrics are becoming more and more popular and we do offer these on the website.

Orders - Shipping, Delivery, Returns

How much do you charge for delivery?

You can see a summary of our delivery charges here. You can also get an exact price for items in your basket by going to your basket and selecting your country / adding your postcode.

How will I know my order has been received?

You will receive an email of confirmation shortly after you place an order.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Deliveries vary on whether we have the fabric ordered is in stock or not. Fabrics we have in stock will take 1-2 days, whereas if we need to order the fabric delivery can take up to 5-7 working days. If any orders will take longer or are currently out of stock you will be contacted. If fabrics are available to purchase on our website this does not indicate the fabrics are in stock.

What happens if I am out when my order will be delivered?

If you are out when the courier tries to deliver the parcel then the driver will leave a card with instructions on how to rearrange delivery at another suitable time. However, if the couriers do not hear from you then they will usually try to re deliver the next working day. Deliveries are Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5.30pm. The parcel will need to be signed for unless we receive separate delivery instructions from you, therefore if there are any days which are not convenient for you to accept delivery, please contact us when placing your order. Please note that only two attempted deliveries will be made, but if the parcel is then returned to us, we will pass on the additional charge for the parcel to be redelivered to you at a later date.

How can I track my order?

Upon despatch you will be emailed a tracking number, however if you have purchased a sample or a small quantity of fabric no tracking number will be advised as these will be sent by Royal Mail.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

In the unfortunate event that the parcel arrives and is damaged in transit you must sign for the parcel as being damaged and advise us immediately or by 1pm the day after delivery, so that we can instigate a claim with the delivery company.A collection will be made for the damaged parcel and a replacement will be sent to you.

Do you deliver internationally?

We ship Internationally to the following countries:

  • Scottish Highlands
  • Isle of Wight
  • North Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Channel Islands
  • Australia, Japan, New Zealand
  • Germany, France, Ireland
  • Belgium, Austria, Netherlands
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland
  • Italy, Spain, Portugal
  • Denmark, Estonia, Latvia
  • Malta, Greece, Cyprus
  • Poland, Czech, Slovakia

Can I collect my order in the store?

Curtains, Roman Blinds and fabrics can be collected in store.

Can I return my order?

For Fabrics, the fabric can only be returned  if over 10 metres

Can I exchange my order?

Fabrics can only be exchanged with the permission of Management and must be over 10m.