A List Of Curtain Fabric Types

Bagheera- an uncut pile velvet...the texture can be coarse. Baize-sometimes called felt - most common use is for covering a table surface - well known for using on snooker / pool tables. Batik-various areas of the fabric are coated with wax which is then cut to the design.The exposed areas of the fabric are dyed... the designs are bold and tropical in look. Boucle -the fibres used in production are for both weft and warp and create raised almost looped sphere. Brocade -textured raised pattern on a luxurious radiant fabric. Calico - created from cotton or cotton and polyester - usually in a natural cream colour or patterned. Challis -a plain weave soft textured fabric - composite is rayon , wool or man / made fibre . Chenille - a similar type of fabric to velvet but the fabric is woven with chenille yarns which have a pile effect the same as velvet ..using another process.. if the fabric is run through using a jacquard loom the effect is the same as a cut velvet. Damask - a woven jacquard fabric using various fibres,such as silk, rayon, wool, linen and man made, the pattern can be used on the front or back of the fabric. Dupion - silk threads are woven together , these are uneven and irregular. Flock / Flocking - Finely procesed fibres are applied by dusting, air-blasting or electrostatic to a pattern such a s leaf which creates a almost "velvety" texture. Gazar - a silk or wool cloth with a flat, smooth texture...a plain weave with severe twist double yarns intertwined as one. Gingham- a checked fabric pattern created from dyed cotton fibres. Jacquard - Jacquard is a weave....damask is a jacquard woven fabric..the description is loosely applied to describe a wide variety of jacquard woven fabrics. Moiré -. the pattern is created by running the cloth between engraving rollers, which creates a watermark design...used to great effect using silk, rayon or taffeta. Paisley- A popular 19th Century pattern in Britain ...the design originated in India and became popular in Britain ....especially Scotland when British soldiers brought home cashmere shawls. .Plaid -a bold check design otherwise known as tartan. Scrim - an open weave sheer cotton fabric which is used mainly for upholstery lining. Tapestry - a fabric which coloured threads are woven which produce a reversible design..these striking designs are created from threads which can be silk , wool or any form of textile. Toile de Jouy - are usually pastoral scenes such as couples, country scenes and flowers in one colour ...either, blue, green, browns, dark red set against white or light cream coloured backgrounds. Velvet - a woven pile cloth - created from cotton, silk / rayon with a smooth texture ...yet sturdy fabric . Voile - a lightweight sheer transparent fabric , available in all styles , patterns and colours ...created in cotton, rayon , silk or man made fibres ..very popular in window dressings as replacements for nets curtains.

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