Want To Smarten Up Your Home, Why Not Opt For Motorised Window Dressings?

Want To Smarten Up Your Home, Why Not Opt For Motorised Window Dressings?

Motorisation is fast becoming the biggest trend in interiors. Increasing number of our customers want their window dressings to be controlled by mobile or remote or even integrated into their home automation system. Find out more below:

What products can be motorised?

All our roller blinds, roman blinds and curtains can be motorised.

How do I motorise my window dressings?

Motors can be powered by either embedded rechargeable batteries, or hard wired and made compatible with most home automation systems. So whether you’re doing a complete renovation or want to update your interiors, you can chose the power option which best suits your needs.

What is a smart home?

The ability to operate your motorised window dressings remotely via a mobile phone app, tablet app or a website from a computer. An easy way to operate your window dressing whether you’re home or away. This does require a hub linked to your home internet.

Restrictions, are there any?

In most cases motorising any of our items should be possible. There are some weight and size restrictions, so speak to one of our designers to work out the best option for you.

Over the last week we have been working alongside Somfy and Silent Gliss on some exciting options for motorised window dressings.

Our customer is over the moon that she can now operate her roman blinds and curtains from her phone!

Motorisation is a fast growing trend within our industry and is something we are recommending more and more.  Our curtain tracks, roman & roller blinds can be powered either with a long lasting rechargeable battery or hard wired directly into your home.

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