Using Wallpaper in Your Interior Design Scheme

Using Wallpaper in Your Interior Design Scheme

Wallpaper is a fantastic tool in the interior designer's arsenal, offering an array of colours, patterns, and textures that paint simply can't compete with. Whether you're papering the entire room or just adding a feature wall, wallpaper can provide a distinctive style to your home. 

The Power of Patterns 

Wallpaper patterns can bring a new dimension to your rooms. From delicate floral designs to bold geometric shapes, there's a pattern for every taste. Geometric patterns can create a modern, sophisticated feel, while floral prints can bring a touch of classic elegance. 

Colour Your World 

The colour of your wallpaper can dramatically affect the mood of a room. Light colours can make a small room feel larger and brighter, while dark colours can create an intimate, cosy atmosphere. 

Textured Wallpaper 

Textured wallpapers add depth and interest to your walls. They can mimic a variety of materials, such as brick, wood, or fabric, providing an extra layer of detail to your design scheme. 

Feature Walls 

If you're not ready to commit to wallpapering an entire room, consider creating a feature wall. This allows you to experiment with bold patterns and colours without overwhelming the space. 

Tips for Choosing Wallpaper 

When choosing wallpaper, consider the size and function of the room. Bold, large-scale patterns can make a strong statement, but might be overwhelming in a small space. In a high-traffic area like a hallway, consider a durable, washable wallpaper. 

Remember, wallpaper is a powerful design tool, but it should complement, not dominate, your overall interior design scheme. Happy decorating! 

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